December: My Taught Me

Over two weeks ago I spent an afternoon with Myleik Teele at Myleik Teele’s Live Podcast at Atlanta’s ScadShow.

I’m still reveling in what felt like a one-on-one conversation with my money making big sister. I’ve felt a whirlwind of emotions as I grieve the loss of my bad habits and take on a marathon mindset.

Myleik is the Founder and CEO of curlBOX, a natural hair care subscription box. While I’m not a box subscriber (it’s just not in my budget, babe), I subscribe to Myleik’s uncut honesty.

Since we’re quickly approaching the new year, I decided to revisit my goals, make some new ones, and start prepping. Myleik touched on 5 key points that helped me shape my goals. I won’t give a full recap of the podcast, but I’ll pass on some of the sprinkled gems.

1.Learn patience.

In the world of social media we’re always expecting things to happen fast or on our own timelines and that’s just not realistic. Or we start businesses and expect overnight success. We have to teach ourselves patience. I plan to set realistic time frames for myself and for my business.

2.Shift from Instagram.

Instagram is cool, but it’s not everything. Make sure you have plans for your business beyond social media platforms.

3.Don’t let your ego stop you.

Keep it 100! We get comfortable and hit a plateau at home and in the office. Instead we should keep reading, learning, and trying new things.

I hope Myleik will publish the live podcast because as you can see there was plenty of takeaways. Ladies, if you were there tell me what resonated with you the most and if not what are the bad habits holding you back from a marathon mindset?

Keep writing sis,



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