By: Kathy Green



I thrive off supersized servings of optimism

cause city livin’

can be hard on the soul

make you feel old

and rushed

and when you’ve barely gotten enough out of today

your hear people say

live for the moment

and keep your mind open

cause with a city-fied life

nothings ever black and white

you’ve got reasons to be angry and sad but just as many reasons to be

hello mellow and glad

see cause when you’re citified

the time flies by

your holdin’ onto the minutes

and when the day is almost finished

we rely on brother moon to get it done

at 5am he sneaks kisses with the sun

and we could say we start the day all over again but no my friend

cause sister sun left me sleepless

and brother moon knows all my secrets . . .

a citified life can wear you out

and tear your down. . . if you let it

I take my supersize dose of optimism and roll with the punches

of City-fied livin’

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