The 5 Most Common Writer Mistakes

So you say you’re a writer? These 5 common mistakes prove otherwise. But, sis, I know you. Lord knows you don’t need this list. I’ll post it anyway(just in case a friend of a friend needs it).

Mistake #1: Being Extra

I never considered myself a writer. Even now when I talk about That Girl Can Write I mention all the amazing women I’ve met along the way instead of my own published work. Saying it aloud can sound a bit “extra”, but I’ve learned there is a thick line between the truth and exaggeration.

A true writer can speak to their work and touch on the most important points such as descriptions, publishing info, inspiration. However, that line is crossed quickly once you begin to over exaggerate. There are only so many buzz words you can use without scaring away your audience. Here are a few tips to remember:

1.You’re no longer “aspiring” if your work is published.

2. Your debut was great but what’s next?

3. Google is real! I think we can figure out if you’re actually a NYTBS.

Mistake #2: Not Editing

I’ve read on a few lists that you NEED to have an editor. After writing my thesis, I quickly realized this is true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read my work and I still find typos and format errors. It’s not that I didn’t care enough to notice, instead it’s the exact opposite. I’ve read it so many times that another fresh set of eyes can catch something I didn’t.

Mistake #3: Blocking Your Social Media

Come on, ladies! Please tell me how the world is supposed to hear your story on mute? You have to use the platforms (especially free ones) right in front of you. If you’re like me, boundaries are important. Consider creating a social page(s) only for your work or limiting the amount of personal photos so that you still feel comfortable with what you share. All in all we can’t read and or share if your page is private.

Mistake #4: Rushing

I admit I’m guilty of this myself for different reasons on different occasions. From a case of FOMO to procrastination I’ve rushed some writing projects that had really great potential.

Rushing your creativity stifles it.

When we’re pressed to make deadlines we don’t give our ideas time to unfold and flourish. We jot something down on paper, hit send, and wonder why it didn’t capture a larger audience.

Mistake #5: Stop Learning

At the end of my post I sign off by saying “Keep writing,sis” and I mean it. As authors we have to keep reading, researching, and exploring. The minute you stop you can no longer uncover untold stories.

These are common mistakes that can be corrected instantly. You’re a writer, act like it.

Keep writing, sis!


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