3 T’s from Grammar Jail

Look ladies, I didn’t want to have to go THERE, but it seems I have to. I cringe every single time I see the misuse of Their/There/ They’re. THEY’RE three different words for goodness sake! 
I’m not yet comfortable being the grammar police on random post, but I’m getting very close. The struggle is real as I scroll my timeline.Whew, I had to get that off my chest! Now for the fun part. 
I’m sharing a few points to make the 3 Ts a little easier to remember. 
Their is a pronoun. It is the possessive case of the word they. In some cases it broadens the singular use of his or her.
Example: Someone left their cellphone on the table. 

 is an adverb. It is typically described as being “in or at” a particular location. Long story short, if it’s not here it’s there. LOL (I apologize for the corny, grammar humor). 
Example: Place the item over there. 
There can also be used as a pronoun at the beginning of a clause. 
Example: There is more to come
They’re is a contraction. It literally means They Are. 
Example: They are going on a date. = They’re going on a date. 
Seems simple enough, right? I officially give you all grammar badges. Go out into the world of social media and grammar patrol! 

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