Money Talk: Amber Thurmond

Money Talk is a series of interviews with your favorite boss babes. These women are successfully running empires, checking off goals, and taking names. Read their stories and see how writing has transformed their lives as entrepreneurs.

Amber Thurmond is not only ambitious, but a life saver. She took time out of her busy schedule to share the realizations of an entrepreneur and how we can maximize our time as a creative and business owner.

What drove you to start your business? 
I have always wanted to have my own business, but I wasn’t quite sure what it would be. I have tried different things but nothing ever stuck! Last year I was working for a company as an Executive Assistant/Sales Coordinator and the company closed which pushed me to get serious. While working for that company we operated out of a co-working space which put me around many entrepreneurs. I noticed that they were extremely busy and always talked about needing more time. Many people are operating as “solopreneurs” when they first start out and may not be able to hire a fulltime assistant, so I thought if I could fill the void when needed I would be a huge asset to them. So between my love of helping people and figuring things out, I created Daily Deets Personal Concierge!
What are some of the services you offer? 
I offer services to help with businesses operations, customer service and personal assistant needs. Some of the services I offer are data entry, calendar management, building/managing databases, scheduling, and customer follow-ups. I recently added website creation for clients who are starting their businesses or still fairly new in their business and don’t have an online presence. Many of the services I offer are things that have to be done for the operation and growth of the business, but they just don’t have the time to do them.
How long did it take for you to see growth in your business? 
When I first started I was going to every networking event that I could go to and nothing was happening. People were telling me it was a good idea but that was about it. It was a little discouraging because you think if you have a good idea people will just hop on it but I had to realize that I’m not even a year into my business and things do take time. I also think at the beginning people were unsure of what a concierge service actually was and how it could benefit them. I met a lot of people and completed a couple of one off projects but It took me about 7 months to get my first retainer client! After that I started to get more traction and I started receiving referrals.
What changes did you make to become an entrepreneur? 
As an entrepreneur the way I manage my time has been the biggest change. Working with multiple clients and deadlines I have to prioritize and make sure that I am able to complete projects on time. Using my calendar has been the best thing ever! I never used one consistently before but this is a must as an entrepreneur to make sure I don’t miss anything. Those alerts are a life saver!
What parts of your daily work day include planning and writing (social media posts included)? 
In my business writing comes in to play when I am submitting documents and paperwork on behalf of my clients. If I am doing a speaker submission I have to make sure the grammar and spelling is perfect. I want to be extremely professional when representing my clients. 
How do you know what content will interest your clients? 
Researching the market that I am in. Looking at companies that offer similar services and have a similar audience gives a guide of what will capture my potential client’s interest. In this business it’s about gaining people’s trust. Someone else may offer the same services as I do but I try to make sure I put my personality and professionalism at the forefront.
If there is a post that doesn’t seem to capture your audience, how do you revamp it? 
For my personal page I check my insights. I look at which posts have performed the best and the times my audience is most active. This allows me to better plan and grow.
What tips do you have for the entrepreneur that feels writing is not her strength? 
Make Google and Grammarly your best friend! If I am unsure about something I can most likely find it online. Grammarly is a really great tool as well because it corrects me as I am typing which saves a lot of time and helps me to feel more confident before submitting something. Also, don’t be afraid to consult with someone. You may have to invest in your business by partnering with someone who specializes in that area. It is OK to not be the best at everything!
To hear more about Amber and Daily Deets Personal Concierge follow her @dailydeetsconcierge or visit her website

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