Its vs. It’s: Which one is yours?

I know I’m not the only one that blames spellcheck for my lack of taking the time to give a text message my undivided attention. But hey, it’s a text message.

But what’s our excuse for the many other common grammar mistakes…like my favorite one to screw up, its vs it’s?

Of course, they sound the same, but that apostrophe makes all the difference. The small flick of the wrist determines if something belongs to or refers to something.

Its = Possessive form

It’s = It Is

Try interchanging the two to make sure it sounds right.


She thinks it’s a bad idea.

(She thinks it is a bad idea.)

The dog is looking for its bowl.

(The dog is looking for a bowl that belongs to he/she).


I know it can be slightly confusing, but IT’S ok.  Love you, sis.


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